Materials Chemistry and Processing

Update: Since mid-February 2020, the group started to conduct on-site and remote research activities toward the long term creation of materials science and engineering basis to mitigate the spread of infectious respiratory diseases. We are grateful to the local communities, friends from overseas and agencies for their passionate support for us to pursue these new research directions.

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of those global challenges that transcends territorial, political, ideological, religious, cultural, and certainly academic boundaries. We hope to see people breaking the boundaries and working together to create solutions.

We often employ chemical principles and tools to advance materials processing and manufacturing. We also use the new materials we developed as a platform to learn and address problems in other areas of science and engineering or in the society. We aim to make discoveries and innovations with transformative and enduring impact, and by doing so to promote the intellectual growth of our trainees and ourselves. 

Below are some stories of our original research discoveries in recent years. Click on the pull down menu (being updated) to find out more.

  • 2D nanofluidics
  • Physical function of information-bearing patterns
  • Up-cycling of silicon sludge waste for Li ion batteries
  • Crumpled graphene balls: Energy storage, water treatment, and lubrication
  • Defect-mediated surface functionalization of 2D metal dichalcogenide sheets
  • All-carbon photovoltaics
  • Graphene oxide sheets as 2D surfactant
  • Fluorescence quenching microscopy for seeing 2D materials
  • Electrospray assisted Langmuir-Blodgett assembly using water-miscible spreading solvents
  • Metal nanocrystals: Synthesis, assembly and bulk processing
  • Organic nanocrystals: Orientation-controlled growth and chemical reactivity