Group news

[April 2019] New group members 

New postdoc Dr. Zhilong Yu and undergraduate researcher Isabel Nygard join the lab. Welcome!

[February 2019] A nod to Shakespeare

Self-healing coating work is highlighted in Chemical and Engineering News!

[January 2019] Self-healing coating for metal protection

Oil thickened by light weight capsules form stable coatings to protect metal surface from corrosive environment, even those with complex geometries, and can rapidly self-heal when scratched. Congratulations to Alane, Chenlong and Dr. Hee Dong Jang from KIGAM for years of hard work to realize this concept!

Also see: Fluid-inspired material self-heals before your eyes (with video)

[January 2019] A dough state of graphene oxide

The dough state completes the GO-water continuum, facilitates storage and transportation, exhibits super extensibility, can be molded, cut, and connected to form arbitrary shapes, makes compliant graphene support for electrocatalysis, and turns into dense glassy GO solid and “bulk graphenic glass” with new properties. Congratulations to Che-Ning, Haiyue and Alane (cheers to the all girl team)! Years of hard work, finally turning these concepts into reality. A big shout out to Ren-Huai and Prof. Chun-Hu Chen visiting from NSYSU, Kao-Hsiung, Taiwan for the first successful collaboration!

0.8 g of GO, in the form of a dough (left) and dispersion (right, 2 mg/ml). Credit: Haiyue Huang

Also see: ‘GO dough’ makes graphene easy to shape and mold

[September 2018] Xuan becomes Dr. Dou

Xuan successfully completed his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Dou!

[September 2018] Graphene oxide fiber work accepted in Science Advances

Collaborative work with Prof. Tae Hee Han from Hanyang University accepted in Science Advances. Cheers!

[September 2018] Welcoming new members

Prof. Chunhu Chen and his student Ren-Huai Jhang join the lab from National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan. Welcome!

[September 2018] Five Chem papers that made an impact

Graphene hair dye paper selected as one of the five Chem papers that made an impact. Cheers!

[July/August 2018] Collaboration results in new publications

New publications in ACS Nano and Chem, cheers!

[June 2018] A big surprise from students in MSE 337 (Fall 2017)

A heart-warming surprise from students in MSE 337 from Fall. Thanks, and very proud of you all!

[May 2018] Che-Ning becomes Dr. Yeh 

Che-Ning successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Yeh!

[May 2018] Breakthrough in solution processing of carbon nanotubes

Kevin’s paper has been accepted by PNAS. Hard work has finally paid off, congratulations! Also thanks to Segi and Jay for their earlier contributions.

[May 2018] Hilliard Award for Yakira Mirabito

Yakira has won the 2018 Hilliard Award for Leadership, Scholarship and Service. Congratulations on this well deserved award!

[May 2018] Summer URG for Shannon Kollasch

Shannon’s proposal has won her the highly competitive Summer Undergraduate Research Grant, supported by the Alumnae of Northwestern University. Congratulations!

[April 2018] Graphene hair dye paper on Chem cover, cheers!

[March 2018] Multifunctional graphene hair dye

New paper published in Chem and received broad press coverage. Cheers!

An a shout out to the brilliant science writers, correspondents, presenters that report on this story. The interactions have been very fun and inspirational!

Chong thanks the Oversea Study Program of the Guangzhou Elite Project for supporting his visit to Northwestern University.

Lingye thanks her parents for supporting her education at Northwestern through the NU-SJTU dual master program.

Kevin thanks the National Science Foundation for a Graduate Research Fellowship.

Jiaxing thanks Dr. Shaorong Liu (i.e., Ms. Huang) for paying for the various cosmetic materials and beauty supplies that initiated the work.

We also thank Alane for helpful discussions and editing of the manuscript.

(Photo taken with Pixel 2)

[March 2018] Wechat coverage of “cut and paste”

The team is featured in an article posted in the Forum of Macromolecule Science Frontiers. Cheers!

[March 2018] Wei, way to go! 

Wei Hao (SJTU-NU dual MS program) and Kevin Chiou’s paper about solar distillation is accepted by Nanoscale. Way to go!

[March 2018] Inside front cover in MCF 

Jun, Andrew and Kalyan’s paper is selected for the inside front cover of MCF. Cheers!

[February 2018] Nanowerk spotlight 

Jun, Andrew and Kalyan’s paper is highlighted in a story published in Thank you, and cheers!

[January 2018] Kirigami nanofluidics

Jun, Andrew and Kalyan’s paper is accepted by Materials Chemistry Frontiers (MCF). Congratulations!

[January 2018] 3D architectures, by cut and paste

Chong, Che-Ning, Jesus and Wendy’s paper is accepted by Advanced Materials. Congratulations!

[January 2018] Paper balls on the cover of Joule

Collaboration with Jiayan results in a paper in Joule. See paper balls on the cover!

[November 2017] Highly cited researcher

We are included in the list of “Highly Cited Researchers” again by Clarivate Analytics. Cheers!

[November 2017] Crumple or not to crumple? 

Andrew’s story challenging earlier results about graphene oxide’s configurations in water, first drafted >6 years ago, is finally published in ACS Omega with open access. Cheers!

[October 2017] Yige becomes Professor Zhou 

Yige starts her new position as Professor of Chemistry at Hunan University. Congratulations, Prof. Zhou!

[October 2017] Xiaojiao becomes Professor Zhu 

Xiaojiao returns to USTC to defense her PhD thesis, and accepts a position as Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Anhui University. Congratulations, Prof. Zhu!

[September 2017] Commentary on graphene coatings

After nearly one year’s review, Chenlong and Alane’s Commentary piece on the hypothesis, problems and potential solutions regarding anti-corrosion applications of graphene coatings is published in Nature Nanotechnology. Cheers!

[More 2017 happenings] 

  • PhD students Haiyue Huang and Sarah Schlossberg join the group. Welcome!
  • Visiting Student Ga-Young Kim joins the group from Kyushu University, Japan. Welcome!
  • Visiting Prof. Bruce Shih-Hsun Chen joins the group from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Welcome!
  • Visiting Prof. Hongfei Cheng joins the group from China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing). Welcome!

  • Kevin Chiou passed his qualifier exam. Cheers!
  • Alane Lim passed her qualifier exam. Cheers!

  • Prof. Huang completed his 3 year service as the Chair of Graduate Admission. Back to full time research and teaching!

  • SJTU-NU joint MS student Lingye Zhou completed her MS course and submitted a paper on her research at Northwestern. Well done!
  • SJTU-NU joint MS student Wei Hao submitted a paper on his research at Northwestern. Well done!
  • Lily Mao successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Mao!
  • Andrew Koltonow successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Koltonow!

[February 2017] Northwestern Engineering students awarded for class projects

A story about Daniel Hickox-Young and Luke Prestowitz’s “PolySketch Pen“.

[February 2017] Victor becomes Prof. Souza

Dr. Victor Hugo Rodrigues de Souza completes his postdoc stay and accepts the position as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies (FACET) in Federal University of Grande Dourado (UFGD), Brazil. Congratulations, Professor Souza!

[February 2017] MSE 337 students invited to NSF-KAUST conference

Daniel Hickox-Young and Luke Prestowitz’s DIY project in MSE 337 “Polysketch Pen” has won the DIY Electronics Innovation Contest at the  NSF-KAUST conference. It also won them a trip to attend the conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Very well done, and very proud of you and other brilliants young minds in 337!

[January 2017] Humboldt Prize

Jiaxing is awarded the Humboldt Research AwardWir freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Wissenschaftlern in Deutschland!

[December 2016] Dr. Tao becomes Prof. Tao

Dr. Ying Tao completes her postdoc stay and starts her position as Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering in Tianjin University, China. Congratulations, Professor Tao!

[December 2016] PhD defense

Deepti successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Krishan!

[November 2016] Highly cited researcher

Jiaxing has been named a “Highly Cited Researchers” in Chemistry again by Thompson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics. Cheers!

[September 2016] APCI fellowship for Xuan

Xuan is awarded the Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. (APCI) graduate fellowship. Cheers!

[August 2016] Alex goes to Apple


[August 2016] Most cited researcher in materials science and engineering

Northwestern tops the list of most cited researchers in materials science and engineering based on Elsevier’s Scopus data. We are included in the list. Cheers!

[March 2016] 2D nanofluidics

Andrew’s Perspective article is published in Science, highlighting the hypotheses of 2D nanofluidics and progresses since Kaylan’s 2012 JACS paper. Cheers!

[February 2016] PNAS cover: Crumpled paper balls on a surface

Xuan’s paper is featured on the cover of PNAS, and featured in Chemical and Engineering News and We thank Felice Frankel for helping to design the cover. Cheers!

PNAS2016 cover







[January 2016] PhD defense

Alex successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations!

[December 2015] Self-dispersed lubricant additive

Xuan’s paper is accepted by PNAS. Cheers!

[December 2015] ECS award for former PhD student

Jiayan Luo (PhD 2013, currently Professor of Chemical Engineering at Tianjin University) is going to receive the 2016 SES Research Nanocarbon Young Investigator Award from the Electrochemical Society, for his past and current work on nanocarbon. Congratulations!

[December 2015] MRS awards for current and former group members

Che-Ning received MRS Graduate Student Gold Award at Boston. Well done and congratulations!

Former undergraduate researcher Zhibo Zhao (currently in MIT) also received a Best Poster Award. Congratulations!

[December 2015] Highly cited researcher in chemistry

Jiaxing has been named a “Highly Cited Researcher” in Chemistry again by Thompson Reuters. Cheers!

[September 2015] Women in Nanoscience

Former visiting scholar Dr. Huali Nie is featured in an article on the website of Women in Nanoscience for her work in the group regarding electrospray assisted LB assembly. Cheers!