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Issued patents from the group (many more pending)

  • “Optical discs as low-cost, quasi-random nanoimprinting templates for photon management” U.S. patent 9,786,845, issued on 10/10/2017
  • “Two dimensional assembly of graphene oxide single layers, and applications of the same” U.S. patent 9,118,078, issued on 8/25/2015
  • “Methods of flash reduction and patterning of graphite oxide and its polymer composites”, U.S. patent 8,968,525, issued on 3/3/2015
  • “Manufacturing method for graphene hollow particle and graphene hollow particle using the same” Korean patent 10-1452397, issued on 10/23/2014
  • “High-throughput imaging of graphene based sheets by fluorescence quenching microscopy” U.S. patent 8,426,120, issued on 4/23/2013