Graphene based hair dyes

In this area, we aim to use materials innovations to address safety, health and sustainability concerns in cosmetic and beauty products, and to render them new functionalities for enhanced quality of living.  

Graphene-based sheets can be used to formulate safer-to-use hair dyes, avoid the use of unpleasant or even toxic chemical ingredients in common hair dyes.

Graphene coating turn light colored hair black

Leveraging graphene’s high surface area, flexibility, electrical and thermal conductivity, antibacterial and barrier properties, multifunctional hair dyes can be created, rendering tunable hair color as well as enhanced human comfort, health and aesthetics.

Antistatic performance: Hair treated with chemical hair dye

Antistatic performance: Graphene coating hair

Other than fashion and aesthetics, graphene-coated conductive hair could also potentially benefit the development of electronics interfacing with the body, as well as livestock farming and the development of humanoid robots.

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