[February 2017] Northwestern Engineering students awarded for class projects

A story about Daniel Hickox-Young and Luke Prestowitz’s “PolySketch Pen“.

[February 2017] Victor becomes Prof. Souza

Dr. Victor Hugo Rodrigues de Souza completes his postdoc stay and accepts the position as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies (FACET) in Federal University of Grande Dourado (UFGD), Brazil. Congratulations, Professor Souza!

[February 2017] MSE 337 students invited to NSF-KAUST conference

Daniel Hickox-Young and Luke Prestowitz’s DIY project in MSE 337 “Polysketch Pen” has won the DIY Electronics Innovation Contest at the  NSF-KAUST conference. It also won them a trip to attend the conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Very well done, and very proud of you and other brilliants young minds in 337!

[January 2017] Humboldt Prize

Jiaxing is awarded the Humboldt Research AwardWir freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Wissenschaftlern in Deutschland!

[December 2016] Dr. Tao becomes Prof. Tao

Dr. Ying Tao completes her postdoc stay and starts her position as Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering in Tianjin University, China. Congratulations, Professor Tao!

[December 2016] PhD defense

Deepti successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Krishan!

[November 2016] Highly cited researcher in chemistry

Jiaxing has been named a “Highly Cited Researcher” in Chemistry again by Thompson Reuters. Cheers!

[September 2016] APCI fellowship for Xuan

Xuan is awarded the Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. (APCI) graduate fellowship. Cheers!

[August 2016] Alex goes to Apple


[August 2016] Most cited researcher in materials science and engineering

Northwestern tops the list of most cited researchers in materials science and engineering based on Elsevier’s Scopus data. We are included in the list. Cheers!

[March 2016] 2D nanofluidics

Andrew’s Perspective article is published in Science, highlighting the hypotheses of 2D nanofluidics and progresses since Kaylan’s 2012 JACS paper. Cheers!

[February 2016] PNAS cover: Crumpled paper balls on a surface

Xuan’s paper is featured on the cover of PNAS, and featured in Chemical and Engineering News and Fortune.com. We thank Felice Frankel for helping to design the cover. Cheers!

PNAS2016 cover






[January 2016] PhD defense

Alex successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations!

[December 2015] Self-dispersed lubricant additive

Xuan’s paper is accepted by PNAS. Cheers!

[December 2015] ECS award for former PhD student

Jiayan Luo (PhD 2013, currently Professor of Chemical Engineering at Tianjin University) is going to receive the 2016 SES Research Nanocarbon Young Investigator Award from the Electrochemical Society, for his past and current work on nanocarbon. Congratulations!

[December 2015] MRS awards for current and former group members

Che-Ning received MRS Graduate Student Gold Award at Boston. Well done and congratulations!

Former undergraduate researcher Zhibo Zhao (currently in MIT) also received a Best Poster Award. Congratulations!

[December 2015] Highly cited researcher in chemistry

Jiaxing has been named a “Highly Cited Researcher” in Chemistry again by Thompson Reuters. Cheers!

[September 2015] Women in Nanoscience

Former visiting scholar Dr. Huali Nie is featured in an article on the website of Women in Nanoscience for her work in the group regarding electrospray assisted LB assembly. Cheers!